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2020 Edition

How do I turn my watch on and off?


To turn on your Q7 Smartwatch, simply tap and hold the center of your device’s screen for 3-5 seconds. The watch should vibrate and the screen should show the Q7 Logo.


To turn off your Q7 Smartwatch, navigate to the settings menu on your device. From there, swipe until you see the ‘Power Off’ icon. Tap on the icon and a prompt will appear asking you to confirm. Tap the checkmark to confirm and fully power off your device.


How do I know if my Q7 Smartwatch is fully connected?


When fully connected, you will see a Bluetooth icon on the main watch face in the upper right hand corner of the screen.


Alternatively, when you’re fully connected, in the app, you will see the device as ‘Connected’ and the battery life left for your watch will appear in the app as well.


You can also confirm you’re fully connected by navigating to the ‘Info’ icon found in the settings section of your watch. Tapping this icon will allow you to see the firmware version your watch is running but, when fully connected, will show a white Bluetooth icon near the bottom of the screen.

How long does the battery last on my Q7 Smartwatch?


Battery life largely depends on usage type. Standby time for the Q7 Smartwatch is about 15-20 days on a single charge. Working time can vary depending on each user, but moderate usage could provide you with an average of 7 days of battery life.


How do I use the functions on my Q7 Smartwatch?


The functions and all other information about yoru Q7 can be found on the Q7 Smartwatch Manual:


Q7 Smartwatch 2020 Manual


I cannot sync my device data with my app, what do I do?


Your device automatically syncs with your device as soon as it comes within Bluetooth range of the phone it’s connected to. If you believe your data isn’t syncing or not syncing properly, the best option would be to reset your device. To do this:


  1. Navigate to the Settings Screen.

  2. Once in settings on your watch, navigate to the ‘Reset’ icon.

  3. Tap this icon and it will ask if you’re sure you want to factory reset your device, tap on the blue check mark.

  4. Once done, your device will reset, erasing all data and restarting your smartwatch (any firmware updates made to the watch will be retained).


This should help resolve the issue but if it persists, please contact customer support.


My data doesn’t auto-sync, what do I do?


Your Q7 Smartwatch automatically syncs data when the watch is in bluetooth range of the device it’s connected to. Please see the FAQ: I cannot sync my device data with my app, what do I do? For further troubleshooting information,


How do you view a notification?


You can set the notifications you want to receive in the Q7 Wearables app. Once set, whenever one of the notifications you’ve allowed is received on your phone, it will also be displayed on your which instantly. If you miss a message on your watch or simply want to see the most recent notifications you received, you can navigate to the ‘Messages’ section on your watch.


Shortcut: You can quickly view recent messages on your Q7 Smartwatch by swiping down on the main clock face screen. (This shortcut only works on this screen).


How do I enable the notifications I wish to receive?


In the Q7 Wearables app, navigate to the Device Settings Section. You can go directly to this section by clicking the watch icon on the bottom section of the app. Once here, you will see ‘Notifications’. Tap this to set the notifications you wish to receive on your device.


Is there a way to see past notifications?


On your watch, navigate to the ‘Messages’ section. Tap on the Messages icon to see your 5 most recent notifications received.


Are notifications only texts? (Gifs/emoji’s/characters)


Your Q7 Smartwatch can only show text and some small icons. But does not support gifs or emojis. When the watch receives these icons, it will either describe the emoji or show a ‘?’. This is perfectly normal for this watch.


How do you start the stopwatch?


Navigate to the settings menu on your watch. Once there, tap on the icon and navigate to the stopwatch icon. To start the stopwatch, simply tap on the icon. Tap on the icon again to pause the time. Tap and hold on the icon to reset the timer count.